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  经常有学生问我雅思口语Part1和Part3的问题有什么区别,除了众所周知的Part3问题难度系数更高之外,大家还需要知道Part3问题其实是Part2的一个延伸,所以这个部分或多或少会由卡片题的内容来决定,也就是说雅思考官会根据考生对于卡片题的诠释来决定Part3问哪些与之相关的问题。另外,两个部分的提问范畴也不一样,Part1会就生活相关的一些简单话题提问,比如hobby, leisure life, food and study or work等,但是Part3可能会把话题上升到social problem, country and even the global issues. 也正因为如此,会让雅思考生觉得Part3的问题更加复杂多变。今天,济南朗阁的老师会通过一些典型的例子带领大家更加深入的了解雅思口语Part3。

  The First Example:

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?

  这是Describe a famous person that you like这个卡片题Part3的延展提问。


  虽然是一个简短的提问,但是内容却相当丰富。这是典范的雅思口语Part 3事物利弊类提问模式,即雅思考生要更加全面的客观的回答问题,对事物的两面性进行分析,要求之高是Part1的问题无法企及的。如果这道题出现在Part 1,可能就要分解成两道题,一道是利,另一道就是弊了。

  雅思考生除了要了解利弊分别如何诠释外,还要特别注意其中的过渡关联。大部分考生只知道用but来表示转折,或者死板的用advantages are ... and the disadvantages are ...的方式来对利弊内容进行过渡,殊不知只要一点润色就可以让分数上一个高度。接下来看一下老师是如何对内容进行融贯汇通的。



  gain both fame and wealth 名利双收

  sense of achievement 成就感

  get immense satisfaction from vanity (wherever they were, they would be the focus) 虚荣心得到极大的满足(无论到哪儿都是焦点)

  have a large following… 受到追捧

  win other’s respect and love 赢得别人的爱和尊重

  boost their self-confidence 自信心爆棚

  enjoy high social status 享受较高的社会地位


  They have no privacy. 他们没有隐私。

  They should be aware of paparazzi wherever they go. 无论到哪里都得警惕着狗仔队。

  As a public figure, they must pay attention to their words and deeds anytime. (live under high pressure) 作为公众人物,需要特别注意平时的言行举止。

  Quick tempo and mental stress drive them to crazy/depressive. 快节奏高压的生活会让他们抓狂。

  under intense stress / cause stress and anxiety 一直处于高压状态会让他们变得焦虑


  Sample Answer:

  Some of young people want to be famous because that means they can gain both fame and wealth and enjoy the higher social status. Also, they will have a large following, I mean wherever they go, they will be the focus, so they will feel the strong sense of achievement and their self-confidence will be boosted. But as we all know, God will always be fair to everyone, when you get a lot, you will lose some. So it’s not hard to see some of dark sides of being famous, like famous people have no privacy, that it to say wherever they go , they should be aware of paparazzi. And as a public figure, they must pay attention to their words and deeds anytime, so most of famous people live under high pressure which will drive them to crazy.



  紫色部分是对于观点的细节补充的引导句,也就意味着当你想对观点进行进一步解释的时候可以通过that is to say, I mean或者to be more exact的方式来过渡。

  The Second Example:

  Do you think zoos are good or bad?

  这是Describe a wild animal Part 3的延展提问,典型的个人观点看法的问题。当考官问你观点时,有些常见的表达雅思考生需要铭记:

  As far as I can see, ...

  Personally speaking, ...

  From my point of view, ...

  In my opinion, ...

  As I see it, ...

  After a lot of thought, I think ...

  I've never thought about this question much before, but it seems to me that ...

  雅思考生可以用以上的方式开场,接下来再表明自己的立场。中国考生常用的立场就是YES OR NO, 殊不知有些问题根本无法用Y/N来概括,比如上面这道题目。



  Is riding a bicycle dangerous in China?


  So you can say:

  I am afraid I have to say that it really depends on how you ride your bicycle.

  你会发现It depends就是中立立场的精髓,无非就是让你分情况来分析问题,而不是主观的选其一方,因为这类问题往往拥有一个共性,就是无论你选择哪一方都无法客观的全面的回答。但是一旦选择中立立场,就意味着你可以从多个方面来阐述问题,所以回答的内容会相对的丰富。


  I guess it depends on the situation.

  I think my answer would be determined by different conditions.



  中立立场要求分情况对于利和弊进行阐述。对于人类来说,想必动物园有很多benefits, 但是对于动物来说,就未必是一件好事儿了。思维非常清晰,动物园是好是坏,要看是对于谁而言了。

  So you can say:

  I think it really depends. For human beings, zoo has many benefits.

  Benefits: It has certain educational value.

  It could be a real eye-opener.(大多数考生只知道用widen the horizon来表达开阔视野)

  But it’s a little bit unfair for animals. 表示转折,接上缺点

  Drawbacks: Animals are put into cage, and their freedom is restricted.

  Animals will be forced and trained to do some animal shows only to please us.

  So I think Safari Park/ Wildlife Park would be the choice beneficial to both sides.


  Sample Answer:

  I think it really depends. For human beings, zoo has the certain educational value. People get the chance to see all kinds of animals that is a real eye opener. But it’s a little bit unfair for animals that are put into cage and their freedom is restricted. Sometimes animals that live in the zoo will be trained and forced to do animal shows only to please people. So I think Safari Park where animals can live freely in the nature world while people can get a chance to enjoy them would be the best choice beneficial to both sides.

  The Third Example:

  At present, many animals are already facing extinction. How do you think average citizens could protect wild animals?

  这是卡片题Describe a wild animal Part3的延展问题,典型的解决方案类提问模式,即雅思考生需要给予考官具体的解决方法,加以细节描写。这一类问题往往都是先给出一个即时存在的problem, 然后让考生给出method。


  考生对于保护动物的措施往往不是很清楚,也说不出具体的细节内容,拘泥于泛泛之谈。所以要想解决这道题,首先要想清楚具体的保护措施有哪些,比如forbid people from killing wild animals illegally, 这里用到了forbid sb from doing sth的表达,禁止某人做某事。再来,It is the high time for people to stop the destruction of the environment. 这里用到的it is the high time for sb to do sth意为到了该做...的时候啦。有了这两个具体的措施,我们就可以给出一个完整的答案了,详见下面的sample answer.

  Sample Answer:

  It is of the vital importance for human beings to protect some of wild animals that are especially already facing extinction. And the initial thing we should do must be to stop the illegal killing of wild animals which is the key to solve problem fundamentally. Apart from that, people should stop destroying the ecological environment. All creatures on the earth have their meanings of surviving and should be treasured.


  It is of the vital importance for sb to do sth 对于某人来说至关重要需要做某事

  The initial thing we should do is ... 我们首先需要做某事

  解决方案类的提问模式往往会使用how to...来提问,例如How to solve the transportation problem in your city? How to solve the global warming? 这些都是典型的解决方案类的问题。雅思考生如果遇到此类问题,只要记得给予具体细节的方案就可以获得高分,考官最讨厌的就是泛泛而谈,抓不到重点的答案,这也是导致考生获得低分的主要原因。



  It’s essential/crucial/imperative for sb to do sth

  It is the high time for sb to do sth

  It’s of the vital importance for sb to do sth

  I believe a range of steps should be taken, such as…

  Things should be done step by step. The initial thing that should be done is…then…and probably most importantly, …

  In order to solve this problem fundamentally, the government should …

  A series of actions should be taken.


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