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Describe a good law in your country.
You should say:
what the law is
how you first learned about this law
who benefits from this law (or, who is affected by this law)
and explain why you think this is a good law.
  关于law的话题(a new law or a good law)在近两年的各次考试当中出现频率是比较高的,这个同时也是让很多考生感觉头疼的话题。
1A. The whole system or set of rules made by the government of a town, state, country, etc.
B. A particular kind of law.
2A rule made by the government of a town, state, country, etc.
  从以上定义可以看出,a law可以是一系列的或者单项的法律或法则,可以是国家、州、城市制定的。所以考生们可参考的范围就扩大了,既可以是宪法这样的大法,也可以是合同法、移民法、专利法等相对比较单项的法,更可以是当地政府制定的某些政策法规,例如独生子女政策、房屋限购政策、限制环境污染政策等。
New Labor law 新劳动法
Traffic Laws 交通法
Environmental Protection law 环境保护法
Taxation law 税务法
New plastic-bags standards 塑料袋使用规定
One Child Policy 独生子女政策
Anti-smoking Law 禁烟法
  选好了描述哪个法律之后,接下来就要回答“What the law is”这个问题。对于广大非法律专业的考生来说,不需要很深入的描述,只需要回答法律颁布或实施时间、主要内容以及颁布的主要目的就可以了。
Ø  New plastic-bags standards 塑料袋使用规定
New plastic-bags standards went to effect from June, 2008. New standards forbid supermarkets and shops from handing out colorized plastic bags. Authorities say those bags are mainly made of wasted plastics which will pollute the environment. The standards also have other industrial requirements. For example, plastic bags should have a thickness of no less than 0.025 millimeter, so that they can be reused. Enterprises fail to conform to standards will face severe punishment.
Ø  Anti-smoking Law 禁烟法
Anti-smoking Law became effective in May, 2011. It bans tobacco smoking in workplaces and other public spaces in door. The health consequences of the tobacco epidemic are very serious in China and smoking has become the top killer of the Chinese population. Our government is working on making all public spaces—including work sites and transportation options—tobacco-free for the well-being of Chinese citizens.
Ø  New labour law 新劳动法
The new law greatly limits the use of short-term contracts. The new law allows employers to assign only two consecutive fixed-term contracts. After that the employer must offer the employee an open-ended contract.
The law imposes severe restrictions on the use of probationary periods in the employment relationship. Probationary periods are permitted, but the length is limited. Furthermore, an employee can only be subject to a single probationary period by a single employer. Wages during the probationary period must also be no less than 80% of the contract wage.
Ø  New plastic-bags standards 塑料袋使用规定:
China's new standard is to change consumers' shopping habits. If everyone can use just one plastic bag a day, he or she can save around 300 bags a year. And that would mean as much as a 2-thirds reduction in the use of plastic bags for the entire country. Mainly aimed at protecting the environment. Stop the "White pollution".
Ø  Road Traffic Safety Law道路交通安全法:
It has been rightly said that when a man is sitting behind a steering wheel, his car becomes the extension of his personality. Drunken driving may cause traffic accident and death. Strictly abide by traffic law will guarantee a safe driving. Only Stricter Traffic Laws Can Prevent Accidents. The strict law about road traffic safety helps creating a safe, harmonious, orderly and convenient traffic environment through which the happiness of people can be improved.
Ø  One Child Policy独生子女政策:
The one child policy is an effective way of reducing the population of China, which is one of the largest one all over the world. Limiting the growth of population is favorable to economic growth. It can also release the burden of protecting the environment. One-child policy has helped the fight against global warming by avoiding 300 million births. That means, without one child policy in China, we can hardly have the chance to enjoy all the affluence and living comfort we enjoy now.
Ø  New labor law 新劳动法:
Chinese workers are increasingly aware of their rights. These laws seem more favorable to workers. The New labor law has been actively publicized and employees are well informed about their rights under the new law, trying to redress the balance of power between workers and employers. For example, mines and construction sites have been getting a lot of attention for several years now. Workers were clearly being abused. All of this represented a source of social instability, and I think they just decided they couldn't afford it. So they decided to get at one root cause: the lack of contracts. Implementation and enforcement are traditionally the weakest points of labor law in China.

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