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  雅思口语第二部分中,关于Place的话题始终经久不衰;近几年下来,有老的话题,也有新增的题目。朗阁海外考试研究中心口语组的专家对这个版块的题目进行了汇总,将其分为两大类:大地方和小地方。大地方的题目如:Describe a place you want to visit/ visited, Describe a place near water you want to visit, Describe a place you want to attend university, Describe a place with a lot of noise. 小地方的题目如:Describe a room you liked when you were a child, Describe a small but successful company, Describe an interesting modern building, Describe a hotel, Describe your favorite café or restaurant, Describe a public library, Describe a museum.
  如“Describe a place near water you want to visit”这个题目。
  The place I’m all dreaming about is the place in Mediterranean area. It can be any country, region, or any city located there, such as Greece and Morocco. The deep blue sea and unique style of housing decoration are pictures that always come into my mind. Besides that, the mouthwatering foods there are another part which makes me crazy about. 这段内容是整个回答的一个介绍,为后面的扩展作一个引子。
  The Mediterranean has always been listed as one of the Top 10 World’s tourist attractions, especially for those newly-wed couples flying all the way from other countries and starting the hot honeymoon vacation. In China, you know, it’s not that easy to find a sea like that, and it’s boring to see modern buildings with similar shape all the time. But the Mediterranean style houses—blue and white appearance is pretty much like refreshment to the pale world, or like adding spice to meals. I guess the feeling will be fantastic! 这个部分的内容是继开头部分中提到的“deep blue sea and unique style of housing decoration”进行扩展描述,具体解释。
  The live seafood has been another reason that pushes me coming to visit. A large range of seafood can be found in local market and seaside restaurant, such as oysters, salmon, lobsters, sea cucumbers, and so forth. Another thing, which is particularly popular on Mediterranean table, is the high quality olive oil, liquid gold as the nickname. I’m so curious about how the locals drink olive oil simply because they enjoy it too much! People there seem to lead a very peaceful life, by that I mean, they don’t worry about the pollution, for no one have the heart to destroy such art-like environment. 对开头部分提到的“mouth-watering seafood”进行扩展描述,通过罗列的方式举出哪些seafood。
  There are so many attractions for me to go and see it someday in person; otherwise it’s still a dream. And of course, I’ll bring my father a bottle of fine wine, since it’s also the place where the best white wine comes from. 最后通过另外一个小点“white wine”进行简单结尾。
  如“Describe a museum”,这里,我以西安的秦始皇兵马俑博物馆为例,进行一个描述。
  The Museum of the Terra cotta Army is the world-famous museum that is constructed on the site of its findings. The main exhibits of the Museum are three exposed pits with clay warriors and horses, as well as the hall of the two bronze chariots and horses. The museum is like a treasure house of Qin Dynasty’s military affairs, science and technology, art and culture. 总体介绍这个博物馆的情况。
  The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are the most significant archeological excavations and are listed by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritages. It is a sight not to be missed by any visitor to China. When the museum completed, people from far and near came to visit. Xi'an and the Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses have become landmarks on all travelers' itinerary. At the same time, it also has put Xian on the map for tourists. 解释该博物馆的特别之处和地位。
  A group of peasants uncovered some pottery while digging for a well nearby the royal tomb in 1974. It caught the attention of archeologists immediately. They came to Xi'an in droves to study and to extend the digs.
  The museum is divided into three sections: No. 1 Pit, No. 2 Pit, and No. 3 Pit respectively. They were tagged in the order of their discoveries. There are columns of soldiers at the front, followed by war chariots at the back. More than 2,000 relics have been found in the No.2 pit. The warriors unearthed there have striking features, brightly painted, and are mounted on horses or kneeling like archers. And No. 3 Pit looked like to be the command center of the armed forces.
  Despite international interest in the underground palace, archaeologists suspended excavations in 2003 as they could not protect relics from environmental degradation. So far, only 1,500 terra-cotta warriors and horses have been unearthed, and almost 6,000 items are believed to still lie buried. 后面三段的内容详细描述馆内的陈列和特别之处。
  再来看一个描述宾馆的话题,“Describe a hotel”。
  9 h is a new capsule hotel that offers luxury in a minimum living space. The first hotel opened in Kyoto; the building itself is 9 stories tall and hosts 125 capsules, locker rooms, showers, and a lounge. The 9h Capsule Hotel is named that because guests at the new 9h Hotel check in, take showers, sleep in a pod, refresh, and then leave, all within 9 hours. 同所有其他描述地点的题目一样,第一段的内容都是综述介绍情况。
  Capsule hotels are almost symbolic of urban Japan, which provide guests a private sleeping area and communal amenities. While the concept has previously been utilized as a cheaper hotel option, the 9h capsule hotel adds luxury and refinement. The bed capsule will be made up with 4-star hotel sheets and provides a Panasonic system that uses light to naturally and comfortably wake you up. 
  First, leave your shoes in the shoebox, fill out the check-in card, get your locker key and sleep pod number, and then take the elevators to the locker room floor. Next, store your belongings in your locker and slip into 9H wear. Third, slide into your sleep pod for a rest. Then, after you are gently awakened by your pod, go back to the showers and locker room and revive yourself. Lastly, return your locker room key to the front desk and be on your way. 中间两段内容展开对这个hotel的描述,介绍其独特之处。
  I love the space-age of the 9H Hotel but I honestly don't know how I'd feel about sleeping in one of the pods. I feel claustrophobic in a walk-in closet so I can only imagine how I'd react to a pod. Still, if you're looking at a hotel not for the amenities but as a place to sleep, this could be a great deal. 最后是简单的总结。
  那么对于这类描述“小地方”的题目,朗阁海外考试研究中心提醒同学们要注意,需要重点描述的是为什么在这么多的图书馆、餐馆、博物馆、宾馆、建筑物中,你不选择其他作为描述对象,而偏偏选择这个,也就是说这个地点或描述对象本身具有较多的特征或特别之处,才值得一提,所以,在选择对象的时候,要注意一些special features。

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